Happy 2019!

Seems like there is only 1 update a year here. We are way more active on Facebook and Instagram. At east 1 post a week on there, more work that gets created the more gets posted. Last year was a big year for us. We had just moved into a new shop, as I personally changed jobs at the end of ’17. Then I changed jobs again, and shifts. 2nd shift is rough for trying to keep busy in the garage.

Art wise, still pushing to do more shows as work permits, still trying to come up with new lamps and designs of everything. Made some pretty cool things this year, made a lot of people happy, and got 15 seconds of local fame on a Columbus morning tv show in December.

Planning on doing several of our normal shows this year, and thinking about going big, and doing the Christmas Connection show at the IX Center. It’s a huge 3-4 day show, 40k people come through there and I heard there is 400+ vendors.

I’ll keep you all updated!