Winter update


I know I have been slacking severely on here. So an update is in order, and it is a lot at once.
First off, had another great year at the art and craft shows, and car shows that we were set up at. Secondly, Randy’s Car Part Art is now on Ebay, in addition to being on Etsy. Also we have started a Facebook page, and an Instagram page.
With our first show of the year coming up on February 17, it has been a busy off season trying to rebuild the inventory, coming up with new fresh ideas, and also planning this year schedule.
The gallery and show schedule pages will be updated (hopefully) soon.
Stay tuned, and like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Summer update

After taking a break right after christmas and the spring off, Randy’s Car Part Art is back to the building of fine unique arts! My Etsy store is still my main online retail center, and there are several new things going up on it this week.

Shop Update


Please, please, Please visit my storefront to view my current for sale items, and to purchase anything. Turns out this website isn’t as quick and easy to update it like I thought it would be compared to Etsy. And quite frankly, I spend more time making items than sitting here updating everything on this page. On Etsy I can post, change, update, view orders and all from my phone, which works better for me.