Gear candle stick holders – $30/ea


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As you can see there are a few different designs, all depends on what materials I have laying around to make these. They range from 9in tall to 12in tall, and fit standard candle sticks. They all have a nail … Continue reading

10 Pedal small Flower candle holder – $40


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Needing a smaller candle holder, but love the flower look? Here is just what you want, stands about 6inches tall, about 5 inches wide at the top. The 10 pedals make it symmetrical, and the gears as the base keeps … Continue reading

Small gear candle stick holders – $30ea $50/pr


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These are truly unique, and so far a total hit at the art shows I’ve done! ┬áThe small gears and spring on top give them a very industrial look, but clean enough that people have said at first look they … Continue reading